Roof Cleaning

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What’s that growing on your roof?  Those black streaks on your home here in Grenville SC?

It’s not dirt it’s actually a mold called

Gloeocapsa Magama an algae that thrives here in the Southeast due to our humid climate.  Not only does it look terrible robbing you of your curb appeal it is literally eating away your roof!
The limestone granules is delcious to the algae and over time the life of your roof is eaten away.

For a fraction of the cost of replacement our safe low pressure cleaning method not only kills the algae and mold eating your roof but also cleans it making it look amazing.  The rain gutters catch any excess runoff we dispose of and haul away leaving you with a roof that will look amazing but more importantly save you money in long run.
Why Clean Your Roof?
1. It looks terrible who wants mold and algae all over their home?
2. It’s eating your roof away save your roof from early replacement.
3. A dark moldy roof equals a hotter house a hotter house higher utility bills.  Roof cleaning is basically free when you consider money saved on utilities and maintenance/replacement costs.
If you have a roof that you think you need to replace perhaps a simple roof cleaning is all that is needed.  Remember low pressure means no damage all you will have is roof restored and looking great.  Whether your roof cleaning is in Greenville Sc, Simponville SC, Greer SC, Spartunburg SC, Mauldin SC, Clemson SC anywhere in the Upsate we make it easy for you.