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Greenville South Carolina is truly a gem to live, work and play.  Allow Curb Appeal Solutions to help you enjoy all that the Upstate has to offer by giving you more time to enjoy it.  With years of experience and thousands of satisfied clients we can help you keep the Curb Appeal.  From window cleaning to roof cleaning, pressure washing and even solar panel cleaning give us a call today!

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Window Cleaning Service in Greenville South Carolina

Do you own a home in Greenville South Carolina and currently looking for professional window cleaners? Several residents of Greenville are our customers, and we in return provide an exceptional service by taking adequate care of their windows as well as providing pressure washing, roof cleaning, vinyl siding cleaning and soft wash. We are a leading window cleaning service provider in Greenville and our track record speaks for itself.

Greenville South Carolina is home to several property owners that constantly take advantage of our expertise. You will definitely be excited by how shiny your windows will look once our experts have carried out rigorous exterior and interior window cleaning. Just imagine looking through your windows without traces of grime or smudge. Our experts understand that each property is different which means we are able to customize effective window cleaning service for each property. This is simply due to the style of windows a particular property may have. The crucial thing to bear in mind is our window cleaning team have adequate expertise, knowledge, chemicals and tools to effectively meet your requirements.

The Squeegee Cleaning Method

When cleaning windows for our customers, the squeegee method is frequently applied. This window cleaning method is most used when cleaning interior parts of windows as well as some exterior parts. The squeegee window cleaning method is also known as a traditional way of cleaning most windows. Intricate amount of concentration and skill is required when utilizing a squeegee in order not to leave any marks afterwards. Our window cleaning team have adequate expertise to deliver this service flawlessly.

Ultra Pure Water: The benefits

Another popular window cleaning method is the ultra pure water. With the application of our market leading water purification tool, unwanted water minerals can be adequately extracted. Once the extraction is complete, our team will run a strong stream of water via a hose firmly attached to a carbon fiber pole. Also attached to the pole is a window cleaning brush used to clean the glass while the purified water gets rid of all the grime or smudge on the window. Application of purified water helps our team to provide you with spotless windows. This method allows us to clean windows on properties that are five floors high without the requirement for equipments like lifts or ladders. Our Greenville window cleaning team always apply this effective method on virtually all exterior window cleaning jobs.

Screen Cleaning Method

The screen cleaning method is one of the reliable window cleaning methods used by our team of experts. If you have screens installed in your home, our team will remove them gently before commencing the cleaning of your windows. By applying mild force, we will clean both sides of the screen and dry them before we start cleaning any of your windows. Our team of window cleaning experts are armed with industry compliant and effective chemicals that will help restore your old window screens.


Window Tracks and Sills

Window sills are normally cleaned prior to cleaning the windows. If needed, our experts will clean every part of your windows’ tracks and sills. The procedure involves the application of a vac to get rid of any type of dirt that might be present. 

Clean Your Windows on Schedule

We provide several types of flexible window cleaning services to make sure that our customers can get their windows cleaned when required. You can schedule your window cleaning to be carried out weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, every six months or annually.

Reliable Window Cleaning Service You can Trust

For any type of window cleaning service in Greenville South Carolina, USA, we are just a stone throw away from you. Our team of experts work laboriously as well as pay attention to details to make sure our customers get nothing but outstanding value for money. Give us a call today.